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Web dev therapy can increase the search engine rank and site traffic of any company with our specialized SEO & Advertising services. The expertise offered by its technical and copywriting staff enables Web dev therapy to successfully meet the needs of companies with complex websites in competitive industries!

Advanced SEO Research

Keyword Analysis (Monthly Search Predictions by GEO, Competition Value Index, Average CPC)

Link Building

We help you to increase the links pointing to your site to increase your online reputation & authority!

Data Driven

99% of our advice and improvements come from data driven choices & research taking the guessing work out.

SEO Features

SEO Pricing

What are you willing to invest in your brand?

You will be quoted according to your needs after form submission.


SEO Package

R999 - 2499R3000 - 4000


1-10 Pages
Basic Keyword Research
Basic Market Research
Full Basic SEO Setup
Weekly SEO Analysis
Weekly SEO Changes
SERP Rank Tracker
404 Tracking


SEO Package

R2499 - 4999R4000 - 8000


10-25 Pages
Basic Keyword Research
Basic Market Research
Full Advanced SEO Setup
Weekly SEO Analysis
Weekly SEO Changes
SERP Rank Tracker
404 Tracking


SEO Package

R4999 - 14 999R8000 - 30 000


25-200 Pages
Advanced Keyword Research
Advanced Market Research
Full Advanced SEO Setup
Weekly SEO Analysis
Weekly SEO Changes
SERP Rank Tracker
404 Tracking
Our Services

Our Services

Our Services
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Our Services

Analytics Analysis & Reporting

What do your customers want?

Our advanced tracking software & analysis team will provide you with all the insights you need to increase conversions & grow!

Data Guided Decision Making

We give you all the data, summaries & suggestions in all our reports so that you can make the right decisions.

All features & Pricing

Brand Building

Have an idea? let us help you build it!

We work in partnership with major companies like Blackhole Industries to build, expand and grow your brand!

A Brands reputation is everything.

We help you to build your brand from scratch or from an existing brand, covering everything from A to Z.

All features & Pricing

Content Creation

Do you give your customers valuable content?

We will create content for your website & Social Media to engage your customers!

Conversions through content

Prospects are much more likely to sign up or buy a product from a brand if the brand provides them with valuable information.

All features & Pricing

Digital Advertising

How will you use the most powerful advertising method?

You can reach Millions of possible customers in days, how long will your sales staff take to achieve the same?

Reach more customers than ever before.

Digital Advertising allows you to pin point who you want to target and when.

All features & Pricing

Domains & Hosting

Fair Domains & Hosting Pricing

With our state of the art servers & domain hosting you can't go wrong.

Safe & Secure

Our company was built on privacy & safety, you can expect the same from us.

All features & Pricing

Social Media Marketing

Go Viral 😜

Word of Mouth, Relationship Marketing, Paid Advertising, Digital Marketing, Traditional Marketing, we got you covered.

Our Marketing Team

Social Media, Marketing Strategies, Promos, Email & Whatsapp Marketing we do it all.

All features & Pricing


Is your website in the top 5 on Google?

Improve your Search Engine Optimization to get massive brand exposure on places like Google.

SEO = brand exposure

SEO is a long term investment to get your company to the top of google rankings for certain keywords. Giving you massive brand exposure

All features & Pricing

Video & Graphic Design

Need highly engaging designs?

Our design team creates aesthetically beautiful designs that will capture your prospects attention

The Brain & Images

The brain processes images 60 000 times faster that text, make sure your designs are a perfect fit with us.

All features & Pricing

Website Design & Development

What website do you need?

Portfolio, Business, Ecommerce, Crowdfunding, Blog, News or Magazine, Corporate, Startup

Advanced Tracking Technology

Giving you insights into every person that visits your website - giving you the power.

All features & Pricing

What Makesus different?

We do not only provide SEO services but we also offer a wide array of related services such as Website Design & Development, Analytics, Digital Advertising (Pay Per Click), Video & Graphic Design, Content Creation, Social Media Marketing, Branding & Domains & Hosting.

Increase yourOrganic Traffic.

We offer analytics services to give you advanced data on your users & their trends so you can take right decisions to increase your bottom line.

What are you waiting for?

"SEO is a long term investment that will reap you high amounts of traffic to your products & services. Without paying for a single click"

Web dev therapy
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